June 5, 2014

Heat Transfer System Shipped Internationally

Metropolitan recently fabricated a pre-piped heat transfer system to a local chemical company. The unit was then shipped complete and ready for integration in the customer’s system, which is located outside of the United States. The system is designed to heat 160 GPM of a 50% Propylene Glycol Solution from 155°F to 158°F using 15 psig steam at the heat exchanger inlet (125 psig steam at the pressure reducing valve inlet and inlet to the skid).  The condensate section of the heat transfer package included a steam pressure powered pump along with the pump receiver to ensure proper condensate drainage from the heat transfer.  All water and glycol piping was fabricated from schedule 40 steel piping. All steam and condensate piping was fabricated using schedule 80 steel piping, with the majority of the piping being welded in lieu of threading.

A pre-piped heat transfer system