Wastewater Treatment Systems for Municipalities

Metropolitan Industries has a long history of providing wastewater treatment equipment to a wide range of customers in various configurations. During the 1960s and 1970s, EPA regulations and funding resulted in a new wave of treatment standards, leading to a movement to clean up our waterways. Metropolitan has since provided a variety of treatment options to developers and municipalities. We have kept pace with energy-saving technologies and combined them into our single-source wastewater treatment systems.

Our complete wastewater process treatment solutions include:

  • Field-erected treatment plans
  • Mechanical clarifiers
  • Energy-saving aeration systems with blowers controlled by dissolved oxygen probes
  • Variable speed motor control centers
  • Sludge management solutions complete with screening equipment a
  • Additional pumping options and integrated control systems.

This includes full treatment plants transporting several millions of gallons of water per day. Metropolitan can build complete equipment packages designed to process, treat, clarify and disinfect raw sewage prior to being discharged into creeks, streams or rivers as effluent water. From plants transferring thousands of gallons of water per day to plants transferring millions of gallons of water per day, Metropolitan has provided pre-engineered packaged wastewater treatment solutions constructed to meet precise specifications for years.

System Control & Monitoring Integration

As a controls manufacturer, all of our packaged systems can be equipped with custom controls. Our in-house staff of programmers can integrate a preferred monitoring system, including cloud or traditional SCADA, to provide the most intuitive control capabilities.

Complete Systems Approach to Wastewater Treatment

We at Metropolitan Industries specialize in the engineering and assembling of packaged systems. Our complete system capabilities span water and wastewater treatment for municipal applications, to the movement and management of water in commercial and industrial applications that involve the distribution of domestic water, storm and sewage water management, water temperature control and various generation methods for the heating and cooling of buildings.

As a project partner from the beginning, we work with engineers, contractors and end-users to provide a coordinated process that streamlines the entire process from conceptualization to installation. Our in-house field service department is always reachable when an unexpected issue arises or for when general maintenance or upkeep is necessary.

Our team of in-house engineers custom design each packaged system to adhere to the unique specifications of a given job site. Systems are factory assembled at Metropolitan and performance tested in our state of the art lab to ensure completed systems provide years of sustained performance.

With our large inventory and availability of pumps and various equipment, Metropolitan can engineer a complete wastewater treatment solution that is completely customized for any municipal application.

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