Lift Station Valve & Meter Vaults

Valve vaults provide several advantages when operating wastewater or stormwater lift stations. They provide operators with a clear view of the mechanical area, allowing for a more streamlined diagnosis and safer maintenance when a problem with the valve assembly arises. The other distinct advantage of valve vaults is that they ease confined space restrictions. Whether needed as part of a retrofit upgrade to an existing site or as part of an entirely new installation, a prefabricated valve vault can be the ideal solution to your wastewater project.

The use of steel, stainless steel or fiberglass construction can produce a compact and well-designed prefabricated valve vault. Our ability to fabricate steel or stainless steel piping reduces the number of fittings and can greatly diminish the piping footprint to shrink structure size where tight quarters present challenges. Fabricating a vault can reduce the amount of time contractors must keep site installations open and incomplete.

While some water applications (such as PRV vaults) have been fabricated for years, the use of complete, finished valve vaults for wastewater and stormwater applications are becoming more common. Our valve vaults can be configured in a number of shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes. They are designed to provide ease of installation, requiring installers to simply connect vaults to incoming and outgoing pipes, and power sources.

All valve vaults can be constructed and designed per customer specifications.

Prefabricated Flow Meter Vaults

The addition of flow metering equipment can provide end users with critical system information including usage and/or process. At times, water operators are faced with site constraints or the need to acquire additional system information during a retrofit upgrade.

When situations such as site constraints or the need to acquire additional system information during a retrofit upgrade present themselves, prefabricated flow meter vaults present economical and valuable benefits to sites. Many times either regulatory pressures or the desire to know more about one’s system drives the decision to add flow monitoring equipment. Because this equipment is typically tied into a full pipe, such as a water main or a force main, it is often placed in below grade vaults or manholes. By prefabricating a vault in steel, stainless steel or fiberglass, one can keep tighter tolerances and with the addition of sealed vessels, vaults can be designed in a compact and well-designed fashion. Fabrication of piping offers significant advantages such as a reduced footprint and frequently creates a professional, finished product. Metropolitan offers the ability to fabricate steel pipe and fittings, and can apply fusion-bonded coatings to create a durable, clean finish that will last for years. As an added benefit, fusion-bonded coatings can reduce the amount of time contractors must excavate during the installation process.

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