Water Treatment Solutions for Municipalities

Domestic water treatment is traditionally defined as treating water from a variety of sources to ultimately produce potable water that is safe for drinking or for use in food preparation.  This can include treating well water from underground sources, or filtering and treating surface water from natural or man-made lakes. Once this water has been obtained, it undergoes a comprehensive and stringent disinfection process, which results in treated water to be distributed as domestic/drinking water.

As our  communities continue to grow and expand, so does the demand on potable water quality. Unfortunately, many of our nation’s water supplies need special attention to ensure safe water for daily consumption. Public works officials know that citizens expect quality drinking water free of harmful metals and chemicals. Here at Metropolitan, we understand those concerns and can help devise solutions to meet your needs.

Complete System Design Options

Metropolitan specializes in the design and building of complete water filtration systems capable of removing radium, iron, manganese, fluoride and arsenic contamination. We offer complete packages from design to installation including filters, integrated controls, SCADA/Cloud SCADA integration, pumping equipment and piping.

Customized Control Solutions

Our ability to offer a complete control solution customized for municipal filtration systems is what sets Metropolitan apart from the competition. Our entire control division is focused on delivering a customized solution that provides flexibility, ease of use and maximum control over each system we install. Such features include touch screen operation, elapsed time meters, automatic or manual emergency power transfer switches, visual and audible alarms and more. Our technicians will integrate your system into your existing SCADA system and offer added benefits of remote monitoring, email reports, mobile data collection and secure Internet control.

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Upgrading your municipalities’ wastewater treatment capabilities? We’d love to discuss your project and how Metropolitan can integrate our complete packaged systems with your application.

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