Hot Water Return Pump Systems

Hot Water Movement and Return for Buildings & Infrastructures

With the various ways water moves throughout a building or structure, ensuring the availability of hot water is an entirely separate challenge. That is where hot water return pump systems come in to play. These systems are fully capable of recirculating the water supply within a building or facility to ensure it properly goes through the hot water generating process while minimizing output wait time at the fixtures.

Metropolitan Industries’ specialization in constructing complete packaged systems includes hot water return systems. As your sole project partner from the beginning, your system can be custom designed and built for your specific application with the necessary pumping accessories while fully integrated with our sophisticated control capabilities. Metropolitan’s hot water return systems can also be built to incorporate the latest means to deploy productive, energy efficient systems that maximizes water production in a noise-free environment.

  • Variable speed packaged pump systems.
  • Controls monitor inlet & outlet pressures as well as water temperature, to maintain precise pressure & temperature control, simultaneously.
  • Duplex configuration, allows for redundancy in critical applications.
  • Vertical multi-stage pumps.
  • Designed for smallest possible footprint.
  • Can pass through most standard doorways.
  • Designed to meet or exceed applicable NSF standards

Let's Have a Conversation About Hot Water Return Pumping Systems

If your building or infrastructure is in need of more efficient and reliable hot water return capabilities, Metropolitan Industries can construct a customized system optimized to your application’s unique requirements.

We’d love to learn about your application and how we can put our project management at work for you.